Pickling...its the family business.

The doctor has been pickling for over three generations; it began with our grandfather, who started out making pickles in his basement. He would then sell them at Bungalow Colonies in the Catskill Mountains, and various farmers markets under the company name, Shimmy's Pickles. Our father would later open up Paterson Pickle Co., which supplied fresh pickled products & produce to various supermarkets and restaurants.

50 years later, we are still carrying on that same tradition.

Today, Doc Pickle sells at over 30 farmers markets and special events throughout the Tri-State Area. Although we no longer make the pickles in a basement, we still use many of our grandfather's recipes, and, we are a producer and seller of the best pickles & pickled products around.

We have everything — from pickles to peppers, olives, mushrooms & much more. We've got the freshest ingredients, and, just as our sign reads,

"We've Got The Cure For You."